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It’s been quite good amount of experience we gathered working on several start-ups, as well as established brands. We try to follow the procedure in order to get the real inputs from the client so that we get the direction to work on.  But does that procedure always work? The procedure is very simple, we share the “Brand Questionnaire” with the client, and client is supposed to share their thoughts rather their interpolation about their own brand.


But it does not work as expected. Client says, Nai bhai, hume aap pe koi restrictions nahi daalne, you put your “Best Creativity” and give us the best of best “logo”, and then, we are like, thrown out in the open sky, to explore. Many times client loves our “Creative Intervention” and sometimes, after sharing some ideas, Client starts getting his / her inner voice about their brand ideas, and then starts the vicious circle of alterations and modifications and redesigns.

I always convey to my clients that getting your brand identity designed, is kind of process similar to delivering a baby… People always love the kids around, I mean, almost all times, but when it comes to your child, we are very specific about his behaviour, his physical appearance, the way he approaches, the way he interacts, his friend circle etc. IN short, we become very possessive about our child, same is with brand identity. We might love other logos, but as a third person we don’t go into details about its thought process, its ideologies, its vision, etc. But when it comes on our logo, these all things are needs to be considered. And thus we require the Brand specialist, otherwise if it was just a matter of software or tools that are being used, anybody could have created masterpieces.

Its not like, we are best, but we are focusing towards the direction of perfection. The more brands we “deliver” more visual maturity we are generating, I must admit.

As per our experience, it is quite clear that, when client approaches us with their brand inputs, those are very bookish / formal inputs that we get… and then when we actually start the work, client starts shooting their inputs, ideas, expectations, when they get used to the process.

So to make this conversation very informal, we meet over a cup of coffee, sometimes snacks as well and discuss the brands. Brands as in overall brands, not just their brand. Its process, its approach and several aspects more informally. And then we approach towards the actual work.

If you have any business idea, or some unique start up under construction and figuring out how to shape it up, not just in terms of design, but in all aspects, lets hangout often… discuss more.


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